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Jerome Batiste

Jerome Batiste was born in Houston, Texas, and raised in the Sunnyside area. At an early age he learned how to play the piano. Jerome had an opportunity to see a live performance of J. Paul, an accordion player.  As he watched J. Paul play, he felt that he could play the accordion.  Later that year, he purchased his first accordion.  Practicing at home had its challenges because the sound drove his mother and father up the wall.  Nevertheless, after consistent hours, days and months of practice, Jerome felt like he was ready to play professionally.  Jerome states that "I went to many of the zydeco dances hoping that one of the accordion players would let me join in, no one did."  As fate would have it, Step Redeaux of Step Redeaux and the Zydeco Outlaws gave him a shot!  Step Redeaux was impressed with Jerome's abiltiy to play the accordion.  Step Redeaux encouraged Jerome to learn how to end a song.  Brian Jack, a close friend of Jerome, showed him how to end a song.  A year and a half later Jerome had become one of the best accordian players west of the Mississippi River.










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